COD!【Super bargain】Only once a year! Promise that the value of the product is at least twice the amount you paid!

COD!【Super bargain】Only once a year! Promise that the value of the product is at least twice the amount you paid!

All products are paid on delivery and shipped directly from Japan!

?Amazon has a dedicated warehouse in Japan that can store unclaimed packages for a long time.

The New Year is almost here, the warehouse is already full of these packages,

Amazon arranges for employees to take inventory every day and guard the warehouse, which increases the spending of Amazon merchants.

Towards the end of the year, in order to reduce losses, Amazon merchants decided to sell these packages at an 80% discount!

?【We Have Very Limited Quantities At This Price. Less than 2000 left in stock.

Commitment: All items included are brand new and not broken. Please rest assured to buy.

In foreign countries, Amazon often conducts low-price clearance activities at the end of the year to clean up these randomly shipped products. Due to the high quality and low prices of the products, many people are attracted to order, and many bloggers have also released such unpacking videos!

They usually order in large quantities, and some even transport them directly by car! Because this kind of event is only once a year, it's worth it!

About this project:

☆☆☆Mystery Box☆☆☆ refers to the possibility that the goods in the box you buy are uncertain. The purpose is to create surprise and mystery. Maybe you are lucky! Different surprises, unexpected gifts, just like your good fortune never ends~

☆☆☆You will get ☆☆☆: 60% chance ≥ payment value. 30% chance = 1.5 times the payment amount. 8% chance = 2 times the payment amount, 2% chance = get a mysterious reward!

☆☆☆Customers cannot choose the color. This is a bundle pre-packaged by the manufacturer, if you buy multiple sets, you may receive the same color.

☆☆☆When providing Christmas and other holiday gifts for lovers, family and friends, you don’t need to waste time choosing gifts!

☆☆☆Promise☆☆☆: All items included are brand new and undamaged. Please rest assured to buy.

☆☆☆If you want to get a surprise, our gift box is your best choice, you may have a chance to get a big surprise. However, if you are unwilling to take risks and expect too much, then this game may not be for you.

Open the box and you will get a brand new product at random. Everything is possible. Guess what's in it?

So what kind of product will you receive?

It may be a luxury product, such as LV Gucci Chanel

$1000 Online Hypebeast Mystery Box! Louis Vuitton GUCCI Off White - YouTube

Mystery boxes — what are they?. The concept of a “mystery box” has… | by  Lootie | Medium

It may be branded shoes

Sneakers Louis Vuitton pink and gray Harrison Nevel in Unboxing Was  $20,000.00 Sneaker Mystery Box PART 2 | Spotern

$100 sneaker mystery box - Online Discount Shop for Electronics, Apparel,  Toys, Books, Games, Computers, Shoes, Jewelry, Watches, Baby Products,  Sports & Outdoors, Office Products, Bed & Bath, Furniture, Tools, Hardware,  Automotive

Hyped Brands Shoes | Hype Beast Mystery Box | Poshmark

It may be branded jewelry

2021 New Premium High-end Mysterious Jewelry BoxFashion Jewelry Mystery Box  | Wish

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It may also be an expensive watch

Mystery Box Random Surprise Lucky Watches Max 48% OFF chan 85% Men's

Mystery box Women Watch Luxury original Ladies Quartz Watch Band, Luminous  Watch, Ladies Personalized Feminino Fashion Blind box|Quartz Watches| -  AliExpress

It may also be a variety of electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, speakers, etc.

Electronic Mystery Box in 2021 | Mystery box, Electronics, Mystery

Mystery Box Electronics Smart 3C Have O Products Electronic SEAL limited  product The

Electronics Mystery Box (Limited Edition) + ?Money? -

?Electronics Mystery Box( Contains many high-value products,Limited t -  Look Here

✨If you want a surprise, our surprise gift box is your best choice. 

✨Any goods in the mystery box are brand new, and the value of the items in the mystery box is the same as or higher than your purchase price. This is an adventure about courage and luck!

✨Mysterious gift✨: The purpose is to create surprise and mystery. Maybe you are lucky! Different surprises, unexpected gifts, just like your good fortune never ends.

✨We promise✨: all items included are brand new! The value of the items in the package is the same as the price you bought! They may be repeated. Everything is random.

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Our guarantee

We are proud of our products because we believe they are amazing. Especially for the first purchase, so we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you do not have a positive experience for any reason, we will do everything we can to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the product you purchased.

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·About shipping method
Full distribution range にほん
·About delivery time
After the order is successfully placed, we will arrange the goods according to the order of the order. The delivery period is about 3 working days, and the general arrival time is about 7 working days.
·How to apply for a return
1.Return due to quality reasons: Send the mail to the after-sales service center within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.,The customer service will accept your request within 1-3 working days after receiving the mail.
2.Return process:
Confirm receipt - apply for return - customer service review - user return goods - warehouse receipt inspection - return review - refund / exchange;
Please specify the Waybill number,order number, name, phone number.
·How to cancel the order
To cancel the order, you need to send an email to the after-sales service center and indicate the relevant reason. The content of the email should indicate your order number, name, and phone number.