【Cash on delivery, free shipping! ! 】Good luck lucky bag, just like your good luck never ends!

【Cash on delivery, free shipping! ! 】Good luck lucky bag, just like your good luck never ends!

Frequently asked qustions:

1. Question: Is it legit?


We are the electronic supplier in the U.S. Our branches has reached to every corner of the world and intend to expand more branches.

2. Question: How to avail?


Cod and free shipping in Japan!

3. Question: What is the contents?


Gaming Laptop

Ultra-thin laptop

iphone 13


Apple bluetooth headset

Mini HD video recorder

Sony camera

air humidifier

Electronic massager

Outdoor WIFI sports camera

Silent vibrating electric toothbrush

RC 4-channel helicopter drone

1080p HD microscope camera for Android, Mac and PC


4. Question: Is there a chance 5000 yen have a cellphone inside?


Yeah, nothing is impossible.

65% chance ≥ Payment amount

25% chance = 2 times the payment amount

8% chance = Get 2 or more surprises

2% chance = Win mysterious rewards

5. Question: How long it takes?


It will usually take 5-10 days to shipped from our warehouse to final delivery!

6. Question: How to track my order?


You could keep your order ID and contact our online customer service staffs who would offer you a tracking number if your order has been shipped.


1. All products in this shop are randomly selected. If you want to experience a surprise, our box is the best choice. However, if you are not ready to take risks and to expect too much, this game may not be for you. 

2. Empty boxes or bags are not allowed. If you receive an empty one, please do not worry about that. You should immediately provide our customer service staffs with your order ID so that they could check it up and decide whether there is need to resend you a new one.

3. Please note that anyone buying this box must be prepared to take risks. When you receive a product that you don't like, we do not support the return, thank you!

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    Mystery bag

  • Specification:  

    Mystery bag

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User notice

·About shipping method
Full distribution range にほん
·About delivery time
After the order is successfully placed, we will arrange the goods according to the order of the order. The delivery period is about 3 working days, and the general arrival time is about 7 working days.
·How to apply for a return
1.Return due to quality reasons: Send the mail to the after-sales service center within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.,The customer service will accept your request within 1-3 working days after receiving the mail.
2.Return process:
Confirm receipt - apply for return - customer service review - user return goods - warehouse receipt inspection - return review - refund / exchange;
Please specify the Waybill number,order number, name, phone number.
·How to cancel the order
To cancel the order, you need to send an email to the after-sales service center and indicate the relevant reason. The content of the email should indicate your order number, name, and phone number.